Love Bears All Things

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As February is the month that celebrates love, it is a great time to improve and expand our hearts to love! But we live in a world impacted by corrupted values. So much so, that some people are always suspicious of others’ motives, constantly doubting their intentions, even searching for…

Cheerful Giving

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Although we may not like it, God’s word says it is more blessed to give than to receive. It also says that God loves those who give cheerfully! Do these statements cause you to weigh your actions, attitude, and heart? One line of thought takes it to an even more…

Thinking Through the Lottery

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Do you find yourself tempted by the prospects of winning big? Theologian John Piper discourages Christians from playing the lottery, saying it “preys on the poor”. The Consumerist reports Americans with annual take-home incomes of $13,000 or less spend an average of 9% — or up to $645 — of their income…