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Our congregation had its beginnings in the once-rural area of New Hanover County known as Ogden/Middle Sound. In the days following World War II, several families in the Ogden area (near the crossroad of what is now Market Street and Middle Sound Loop Road) desired to begin a local church. At that time, very few people in the area had a car, and the nearest church was over three miles away.

They began by meeting for evening prayer meetings in their homes, with the hope that a Sunday School and Worship Service might result. On Sunday, June 9, 1946, the church was organized under the leadership of Elder G. W. Shepard as “The Community Advent Christian Church of Ogden Place” with 28 charter members. Shortly after, a building was constructed to house the new congregation. The name was eventually shortened to ‘Ogden Advent Christian Church’.

Over the next several years, the church was lead by several pastors, including Elder Shepard, Elder J. L. Davis, Rev. G. W. Millis, and Rev. Bob Witham. In 1964, a young pastor and his family accepted the call to come to Ogden. That calling was the beginning of the forty-year ministry of Rev. Harold Crocker. Under Pastor Harold’s leadership, the church saw good times and bad times, years of growth and years of struggle.

In the early 1970’s, a brick building was constructed to take the place of the old church that was woefully out of date. In the early 1980’s, a Family Life Center was built with a large gymnasium/auditorium and additional classroom facilities.

In the mid 1970’s Pastor Crocker became active in the local Full Gospel Businessman’s Association, and was introduced to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. As a result, our congregation was greatly influenced by the ‘charismatic’ movement of that time. In the 1980’s, the church changed its name from Ogden Advent Christian Church to Living Water Ministries, in part to reflect this ministry emphasis. In the years that followed, may practices fell in and out of favor among Spirit-filled congregations, but we have remained true to the foundational belief that the ministry of the Holy Spirit is just as active and applicable now as it was in the first-century church.

In 2004 — after forty years as senior pastor — Pastor Crocker retired, and his son, Rick Crocker (or Pastor Rick, as we call him) took his father’s place of leading and ministering to the congregation.

Over the past 60 years, the sleepy little community of Ogden has been transformed into an area of subdivisions and bustling businesses. Over the next few years, our church will be at the center of dramatic changes as new businesses and housing developments surround our campus. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for our church to expand its ministry to the community as never before. We desire above all else, to see the people of our community and our entire county be impacted by the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a great history, but we believe our best days lie ahead of us!